Vulnerability Assesment



In 2015 alone , close to 10,000 security vulnerabilities were reported in commercial and Open-source software products. A vulnerability assessment is often the best way to quickly enumerate, identify and address how many of these are present in your enterprise.

A vulnerability assessment is the first step in securing your enterprise. Most security vendors will run a fully automated tool against your environment that scans through your networks & applications identifying known vulnerabilities and suspected security misconfigurations then spits out an automated report usually hundreds of pages long and presents it to the client. Some vendors have even been known to sell these automated reports as penetration tests.


The problem with this approach is that these reports are often full of false positives, negatives and have not been analyzed and vetted by a qualified security professional prior to client delivery.

While regular vulnerability scanning is a necessary component of a good security posture, and is mandatory in many industries such as payment processing, scanning without analysis and vetting is worse than useless and can leave you exposed to risk.

Our vulnerability assessment process consists of running a suite of automated tools, manually vetting the results, then providing an in-depth analysis and ranking of the discovered vulnerabilities. Finally, we provide you with the analyzed output, technical details, a remediation plan and a custom high level management overview of the results.

After the initial vulnerability assessment we also provide reoccurring vulnerability scans at affordable rates. We offer the following Vulnerability Assesment services:

• Web Application
• Network
• Regular Vulnerbaility Scanning